u haul tow dolly straps

u haul tow dolly straps


A tow dolly is a versatile and essential piece of equipment when it comes to hauling vehicles, particularly when it comes to towing recreational or classic vehicles. A tow dolly is a platform attached to the back of a vehicle with straps or cables so that a second smaller vehicle can be pulled behind it. Both the tow vehicle, the vehicle pulling the tow dolly, and the towed vehicle must have special attention given to them before the tow is made, and tow dolly straps must be used to secure the towed vehicle to the tow dolly platform.

When purchasing a tow dolly, it is important to select one that is compatible with the vehicle being towed, as well as the vehicle pulling the tow dolly. Tow dolly straps come in different sizes and applying them properly to secure the towed vehicle is essential. The straps must be placed correctly, and correctly cinched and tightened to ensure that the towed vehicle does not become detached from the tow dolly during travel. This is particularly important for vehicles which do not have wheel locks and wheel chocks to secure the tires of the towed vehicle, although wheel locks and wheel chocks can add extra security for heavier vehicles, for example classic cars or 4-wheel drive vehicles, if appropriate wheel locks and wheel chocks are available.

Before short-distance or long-distance towing, proper inspection of the tow dolly and straps should be done every time. Proper ratchet or lever-action tow dolly straps should be chosen as they are the most secure, although nylon or rope straps may be used for lighter loads. Ensuring the straps are in good condition, without fraying spokes or bottoms, is an important step that should not be overlooked. If there is any doubt, the straps should be replaced with new ones.

When loading the towed vehicle onto the tow dolly, start by placing the straps in a cross-over pattern across the width of the vehicle, tensioning and tightening the straps so as to secure it and minimize movement. Pay particular attention to the front straps; these should be placed low and positioned so as to reduce the risk of wheel contact with the tow dolly in the event of a sudden aking maneuver by the tow vehicle. The straps should be pulled taut and securely fastened.

When the straps are in place and securely fastened, inspect the straps to make sure that all four straps are crisscrossed and tightened. If there are excess straps, these should be wrapped and tucked away so that they do not move during the journey. Finally, use soft restraints to hold the steering wheel in a straight position. For added security, wheel chocks and wheel straps can be added.

In conclusion, the use of tow dolly straps is an essential part of properly securing and towing a vehicle on a tow dolly. Taking the time to observe the general precautions outlined in this article when using and securing straps on a tow dolly can go a long way towards ensuring a safe and secure tow.

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