type r tow strap

type r tow strap

Overview of Tow Straps

Tow straps are a relatively simple, yet incredibly useful piece of equipment that all vehicle owners should have, regardless of their level of towing experience. In short, tow straps are designed to help tow vehicles and other heavy objects. In some cases, like when a vehicle has become stuck in mud, a tow strap can be a literal lifesaver. A tow strap is usually made of nylon, a very strong and durable material that can handle a great deal of tension. As a rule of thumb, tow straps should not be used for towing anything longer than fifteen feet, and never with a vehicle that weighs more than 5000 pounds.


Tow straps were first created back in the 1930s, when economists known as “recreationalists” overcame the challenges of the Great Depression by finding ways to turn automobiles into recreational vehicles. The first tow strap was crudely fashioned out of a length of rope, and was used to tow another vehicle out of difficult terrain, such as a mountain-side road with deep chasms.

Type of Tow Straps

Today, there are countless types of tow straps available on the market. Each type is designed to offer different levels of strength and durability, depending on the task:

1. Light Duty Tow Straps: These are the most common type of tow straps, and are best suited for general-purpose towing. Light duty tow straps are usually made of nylon webbing, and are usually rated for loads up to 5,000 pounds.

2. Heavy Duty Tow Straps: As the name suggests, these are designed for towing heavier loads. Heavy duty straps are usually made of synthetic fibers and other durable materials, and can be rated for loads up to 10,000 pounds. These straps are great for towing thick ush and large objects.

3. Snag-Free Tow Straps: As the name implies, these straps are designed to be snag-free, meaning they won't get caught in a vehicle's suspension or body. These straps are also made of durable synthetic materials, and are great for towing long lengths.

4. Emergency Tow Straps: These are the most expensive type of strap, but also the most reliable. Emergency straps are engineered to handle extreme conditions, and can be rated for loads up to 20,000 pounds. They are perfect for towing large vehicles or vehicles in distress.

Safety Tips

Whenever you’re using a tow strap, it’s important to use common sense and safety protocols. Below are three tips to remember when towing with a tow strap:

1. Make sure the tow strap is securely connected to both vehicles. Ensure that the strap is mounted correctly and that all hooks, pins, and other connections are securely fastened.

2. Don’t exceed the rated capacity of the tow strap. If a strap is only rated for a 5000 pounds of pulling force, then don’t assume it’ll hold up for towing a 10,000-pound vehicle.

3. Be aware of the terrain. If a tow strap gets caught on a rock or tree, it could easily snap under the strain. Always be mindful of the area around the towing vehicle.


Tow straps are an incredibly useful tool for any vehicle owner, whether they’re an experienced towing enthusiast or a complete novice. With a variety of straps available, it’s easy to find the right one for your particular towing needs. Just remember that safety should always be your top priority when towing any vehicle, so always connect the strap securely, don’t exceed the rated capacity of the strap, and be aware of your surrounding terrain. By following these few simple tips, you can be sure your next towing experience will be a successful and stress-free one.

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