tusk motorcycle tow strap

tusk motorcycle tow strap


Having a motorcycle can be a great experience, allowing you to feel the adrenaline rush when cruising down the highway or eeze through the winding roads of a countryside. However, not every ride can be without incident; sometimes, your bike can eak down and you’re stranded without a way to get it moving again. This is why a motorcycle tow strap is a great thing to have handy on your bike journey.

A motorcycle tow strap is a specially designed tow rope that is used to attach your oken-down motorcycle to a tow truck or the back of a car. Through the use of these straps, it’s easy to get your bike out of an emergency situation or even move it from one place to another. Towing straps come in two varieties, each serving its own purpose for different situations. This article will provide an overview of each type and its features so you can choose the right one for your motorcycle.

Types of Motorcycle Tow Straps

There are two types of motorcycle tow straps available on the market; ratchet straps and nylon webbing straps. Each type of strap is similar in design, but they have different strengths and functions.

Ratchet Straps- Ratchet straps are strong and durable, making them perfect for difficult tasks such as towing a motorcycle out of mud, snow, or sand. The straps use heavy-duty metal hooks and ratchets that securely attach to either the tow truck or the back of a car. These straps are adjustable, so you can lengthen or shorten the length depending on your needs. Ratchet straps are also made from long-lasting materials such as polyester or nylon, making them ideal for towing heavy motorcycles.

Nylon Webbing Straps- Nylon webbing straps are made from a high quality woven nylon material that has high strength and is extremely tear-resistant. These straps are adjustable, and the length can be adjusted using metal ratchets. Nylon webbing straps are perfect for light towing tasks such as moving a motorcycle from one place to another.

Benefits of Using a Motorcycle Tow Strap

Using a motorcycle tow strap is essential for any motorcycle enthusiast. Not only are these straps convenient and easy to use, but they also provide additional safety features such as keeping your bike in place and preventing it from being damaged during the towing process. In addition to this, tow straps are significantly cheaper than hiring a tow truck and can be stored away easily when not in use.


Motorcycle tow straps are essential gear for any motorcycle enthusiast. Using a tow strap can allow you to tow your bike in case of an emergency and prevent damage to the bike during the towing process. Furthermore, tow straps are much cheaper than hiring a tow truck and can be stored away easily when not in use. When choosing a tow strap for your bike, make sure to select one that is appropriate for the job such as a ratchet strap for difficult towing tasks or a nylon webbing strap for lighter towing tasks. Doing so will ensure that your tow strap is able to handle the job and keep your bike safely in place during the towing process.

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