truck tow straps

truck tow straps

Towing with straps is a safe, reliable way to move your vehicle or transport goods. It is important to use the right tow straps for the job and to understand how to use them safely. This article will discuss the advantages of tow straps, how to choose the right type of tow straps, and safety tips while towing.

Advantages of Tow Straps

Tow straps are a great alternative to traditional tow bars. They are lightweight, less expensive and easier to use than tow bars. You don’t need any additional equipment, such as a vehicle hitch, to use a tow strap. Additionally, tow straps are much more versatile than tow bars. They are suitable for towing a variety of vehicles, such as automobiles, trucks, boats and trailers.

Tow straps are also easy to store and transport, as they can be folded up and tucked away in a bag or box. They are convenient for use in tight spaces, particularly when towing a second vehicle.

How to Choose the Right Tow Strap

Choosing the right tow strap for the job at hand is important for safe towing. The type of tow strap you need will depend on the weight of the vehicle you are towing. A lightweight tow strap should be used for lighter vehicles, such as small cars and motorcycles. For heavier vehicles, like trucks and trailers, a heavier duty tow strap should be used. It is also important to look for a tow strap with a Capacity Rating, which indicates the amount of weight it can safely hold.

When choosing a tow strap, it is important to consider the distance it will be traveling. Longer trips require a strap with a higher Capacity Rating. Additionally, if you plan to tow on steep hills, be sure to choose a tow strap that is designed to effectively handle that type of terrain.

Safety Tips for Towing with Straps

Towing with straps is safe when done correctly. Before you begin towing, read the user manual for the tow strap being used and make sure the vehicle being towed has a valid registration. When attaching the strap, it is important to double check the knots and straps to make sure everything is securely fastened.

When towing, maintain control of the vehicle and watch for changes in the tow strap. If the tow strap begins to stretch, stop and adjust it before continuing. Also, keep an eye on the load being towed and watch for sharp turns. When you reach your destination, make sure to double check the strap and knots before unhitching it.


Towing with straps is a safe and reliable way to transport vehicles and goods. It is important to choose the right tow strap for the job, and to follow all safety instructions when using it. With the right tow strap and the right technique, you can safely and easily move your vehicle or transport goods.

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