truck tow strap

truck tow strap


When your truck is in need of a tow, it can be a stressful situation. That’s why it is important to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. A quality tow strap is an essential tool for any truck owner to be prepared for any roadside emergency.

Tow straps are designed to provide a safe and secure way to tow a vehicle. A quality tow strap will be rated to safely handle the weight of the vehicle it is carrying and should be strong enough to handle any sudden jerking or sudden shifts in direction.

When it comes to choosing the perfect tow strap for your truck, there are a few important factors to consider. First, be sure to select a strap with continuous loop construction and double-backed stitching to provide maximum strength and give you peace of mind. The strength of the strap should be rated to handle at least the weight of the vehicle you plan to tow. Also, consider the important hooks, latches and mounting points. Keeping all of these in mind, there are a few standard patterns to choose from when selecting a tow strap that will best suit your needs.

The most common type of tow strap is the flat tow strap. This style has a flat profile that is easy to store and can quickly attach to a towing vehicle without the need for tools or special hardware. The flat tow strap is generally made from either synthetic rope or nylon webbing, and is designed to minimize any damage to your vehicle during the towing process.

The clevis loop, also known as a ‘chain-style’ tow strap, is an extra-strength pattern that provides a more secure connection than the flat tow strap. The loops found in the clevis loop pattern insert into the hooks on the tow bar or recovery device, and are secured with a strong lock loop. This construction provides superior strength and is most commonly used in towing vehicles up steep inclines or over off-road terrain.

The hole-in-the-middle tow strap has a stitching pattern that creates a hole at the center of the strap. This design allows you to quickly attach and secure the strap to the tow bar or recovery device for a strong and secure connection. This strap is often used to tow smaller vehicles such as sports cars, or for light-duty off-road recovery.

The ratchet tow strap is an extra heavy-duty tow pattern that is designed for large vehicles and usually require either two ratchet straps or one long, double-backed ratchet tow strap. Ratchet straps come with a ratcheting mechanism that tightens the strap and allows you to adjust the tension to a precise degree.

When towing your vehicle, make sure your tow strap is securely attached and that you have another person riding in the towing vehicle to provide additional assistance, if needed. Additionally, be sure to take regular eaks to inspect the tow strap and verify that it is securely attached and functioning properly.

No matter what type of tow strap you choose, your truck will always be prepared with the right tool for any emergency situation. Select a quality tow strap with a heavy-duty stitching pattern and lock loops to give you peace of mind and the confidence to safely tow your vehicle. With a quality tow strap in hand, you can be sure that no matter what situation you face, you'll have the right tool for the job.

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