tree saver tow strap

tree saver tow strap


The concept of towing another vehicle with a tow strap is both cost-effective and simple. It is a reliable way to get yourself or another stuck vehicle out of difficult situations such as mud, water, sand, or snow. There has been a growing popularity in the use of tow straps, especially with drivers of off-road vehicles, as a fast and efficient solution to getting out of sticky (or sandy!) situations.

A tow strap is a long length of webbing material with loops on each end. The loops are designed to fit into hooks, commonly found on the bumper of a vehicle. There are two different types of tow strap available. The first type is the flat strap, which is made from synthetic faic and is typically rated at 10,000 10,000 bending cycles. The second type is the tree saver strap, which is made from a robust and flexible composite material that is designed to protect trees and other objects from damage, as well as being rated for up to 25,000 bending cycles.

A tow strap should always be attached to both vehicles securely, ensuring that the rope is tight, and the weight evenly balanced. Once both cars are hooked together, you can pull the other car slowly and carefully with the towing vehicle. It's important not to drive too fast and to keep a safe distance between the two cars when towing. The tow strap should never be towed at a high speed or put under too much tension as this could result in severe damage or even eakage of the tow strap.

It's also advisable to store your tow strap in a safe place away from sunlight, dirt, and other contaminates, as this will help keep it in good condition and extend its life. To prevent damage and tangling, a tow strap can be rolled up and stored in a tree saver strap bag. This will also make it easier to carry the strap around when you are out on the trail.

To ensure maximum safety and reduce the potential for injury, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a tow strap. This includes understanding the load capacity of the tow strap and making sure that the strap size is adequate for the job. It is important to check the materials used in the strap and how they are stitched together to ensure they are of good quality and suitable for the application. Using a tow strap with a higher load capacity than necessary can also be beneficial, as this will prevent the strap from eaking and causing harm to property or people.

In general, using a tow strap to help yourself or another out of a sticky situation is an easy and cost-effective solution. As with any tool, it is important to read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure that the tow strap is suitable for the job. And of course, always remember to store it safely and securely!

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