tractor supply tow strap

tractor supply tow strap


Tractor supply tow straps are incredibly useful and multipurpose pieces of equipment, best known for their use in towing large vehicles or machines. In addition to their common use in towing, tractor supply tow straps are great for a huge range of applications, including hauling cargo, items from the garden and even for vehicle recovery. This article looks at the various types of tractor supply tow strap available and their uses.

Types of Tractor Supply Tow Strap

There are a variety of tractor supply tow straps on the market that cater to different applications. These include:

• Heavy Duty Polyester Tractor Supply Tow Strap - these straps are made of high strength polyester and available in a range of widths. They feature reinforced eyes, which makes them ideal for strong and reliable towing.

• Light Duty Polyester Tractor Supply Tow Strap – Unlike their heavy duty counterpart, the light duty option is less robust and suited to lighter duties. They feature a heat sealed loop with reinforced eyes.

• Soft Loop Tractor Supply Tow Strap – this strap features a soft loop instead of a hook, ideal for delicate items such as personal belongings and fragile cargo.

• Recovery Strap – this is designed for vehicle recovery and made from a strong nylon material. It has a maximum stretch of 20%, and features sewn reinforced loops with fitted protective sleeves.

Benefits of Tractor Supply Tow Straps

Tractor supply tow straps provide many benefits for their users, such as:

• Durability – Tractor supply tow straps are designed to last, with strong and durable materials commonly used, offering a long lasting and reliable towing option.

• Versatility – Tractor supply tow straps can be used for a huge range of applications, offer usable in all different types of terrain and weather.

• Cost effective – Unlike tow bars and other towing equipment, tractor supply tow straps is incredibly cost effective, with most straps found at very competitive prices.

• Safety – Tractor supply tow straps are designed with safety in mind, with strong and reinforced materials used.

Safety Tips

When using a tractor supply tow strap, there are a few safety tips and precautions that should be taken for the best results and to ensure your safety. These include:

• Inspect the strap before use – before use, you should inspect the tow strap to make sure there are no tears or aasions, and that all stitching is intact.

• Check the maximum tow weight – it is important to check the maximum towing weight of the tractor supply tow strap and make sure it is suitable for the job.

• Secure the strap correctly – make sure the strap is secured correctly and that the hooks and loops are properly fitted.

• Drive slowly – when towing with a tow strap, it is important to drive slowly and take care, as sudden movements or speeding can cause the strap to eak.


Tractor supply tow straps are an incredibly useful and versatile piece of equipment, offering a range of uses from towing large vehicles to hauling delicate cargo. This article has looked at the different types of tractor supply tow strap available, their benefits and a few safety tips that should be taken into consideration.

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