towing wheel straps

towing wheel straps


Towing wheel straps, or wheel straps, are an important piece of equipment when it comes to towing vehicles. This safety measure ensures that the vehicle being towed remains safe while in transit. Some states even require wheel straps be used when towing vehicles. These straps are made of a heavy-duty material to provide the strength and security necessary to keep the car or truck secured while in transit. In this article, we will discuss the important facts and the different types of wheel straps available, as well as their application and considerations when using them.

What are wheel straps?

Wheel straps are a safety device that is used to ensure a secure towing connection between a vehicle and its tow truck. They are usually made of a durable material such as nylon webbing, polyester, or steel cables. Wheel straps are designed to be secured around the wheel of the vehicle being towed, to ensure it stays in place while being towed. They are a vital component of any towing setup and ensure that the vehicle does not come out of its tow bars or get damaged in transit.

How do wheel straps work?

When a vehicle needs to be towed, wheel straps are placed around the wheel of the vehicle being towed. The straps are tightened to ensure that they are secure and the wheel cannot move. The strap will then be connected to the towed car’s tow bars or other secure bonds that will keep the vehicle in position. This prevents the wheel or its axle from moving, which could cause an accident or further damage to the vehicle.

Types of wheel straps

Wheel straps come in a variety of styles and materials. The most common type are the tow bar type wheel straps. This type of wheel strap uses a hook and loop style closure to securely fasten the wheel of the towed vehicle. These straps are typically made of durable webbing material and can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of wheel sizes. Other wheel straps include ratchet wheel straps, which feature a ratchet-style tightening mechanism to secure the wheels, and camlock wheel straps, which are self-locking straps that are tightened via a clamping action.

Application of wheel straps

Wheel straps can be used to tow any size vehicle. When connecting wheel straps, it is important to ensure they are placed around the circumference of the wheel so that they are adequately secured. All wheel straps should be tightened with as much tension as possible to ensure the wheel of the towed vehicle is securely connected to the towing vehicle. This helps to minimize the risk of the wheel moving or separating from the towed vehicle, potentially causing an accident.

Additional considerations

In addition to ensuring the wheel straps are correctly applied and secured, it is also important to ensure that the tow truck and the vehicle being towed are adequately equipped for the towing job. The towing vehicle should be equipped with adequate akes, emergency lights, and a functioning hitch to ensure the towed vehicle stays in place. The vehicle being towed should also be equipped with functional akes and an operational emergency eak system. It is also important to ensure that the tires of the towed vehicle are in proper working order and are inflated to their recommended air pressure level.


Towing wheel straps are an important piece of equipment when towing vehicles. They should be used to ensure the security of the towed vehicle and its components during transport. It is important to use the correct type of wheel strap, make sure they are securely fastened, and also ensure that the towed vehicle and the towing vehicle are adequately equipped for towing, in order to minimize the risk of accidents or further damage. Following these considerations and guidelines will ensure a safe and secure towing experience.

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